Blaupunkt Portable Wireless Bluetooth Party Speaker with Dual 15" Woofers


  • RGB LED Party Light
  • Bluetooth
  • FM Radio
  • USB/SD Card
  • USB/SD Recording
  • LED Display
  • RCA Aux-In
  • Microphone Input
  • Microphone Volume
  • Microphone Echo
  • Guitar Input
  • Remote Control
  • Handle and Wheels
  • Rechargeable Battery DC 12V Input
  • AC 100-240V 60Hz-50Hz

Blaupunkt Portable Wireless Bluetooth Party Speaker with Dual 15" Woofers

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For almost a century, Blaupunkt and its blue dot symbol have been synonymous with German technology, innovation and quality.

Blaupunkt was founded back in 1923 in Bollersdorf, Germany, as Ideal Radiotelefon & Apparatefabrik, applying German engineering to some of the earliest radios and headphones. Their headphones had a particularly high sound quality for the day and were marked with a blue dot as a seal of that superior quality. It wasn’t long before consumers began asking for the headphones with the blue dot, or “Blau punkt.” This mark of quality soon became the brand’s trademark and, in 1938, the company changed their name to Blaupunkt. The company soon became known as trendsetters of innovative, high-tech products – at a time when such terms didn’t even exist.

Since that time Blaupunkt has been a leader in audio fidelity, releasing the first car radio in 1932, the first transistor radio in 1957, the first car CD player in 1983, and the first digital car radio/ MP3 player in 2003. And that tradition of trendsetting innovation and meticulous engineering continues today in Blaupunkt’s full line of headphones, speakers and other high-end audio equipment.

Weight 38.6 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 15.25 × 45 in